Trees, mountains and rivers


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Hello! This week’s newsletter is a bit of a departure from the usual – literally and metaphorically, as I’ve left my little veg patch behind me far to the south, and I am now in rainforest country.

Coed Llennyrch, Snowdonia

Not, of course, your standard-issue tropical rainforest (I wish!) but the rather more understated, and I believe considerably rarer temperate kind. I’m with my eldest daughter on a bit of a jolly to Snowdonia in North Wales this weekend, as she’s attempting to recreate the feeling of being in an ancient temperate rainforest inside a gallery in Newcastle for her Fine Art degree show this summer, as you do. So lots of pictures and video footage of all things rainforesty are required, and I have volunteered my services as a willing chauffeur, equipment carrier and general purveyor of admiration and encouragement. It has been an amazing trip: if you’ll forgive the departure from veg growing, I will write about it in more detail later in the week.

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