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Hello to you all! I hope your gardening week has gone well. My veg patch is filling up steadily as all those seeds I sowed so hopefully back at the beginning of March under cover have miraculously germinated and grown (why do I always find this such a surprise?) enough to make their way through my ersatz coldframe setup and into the ground outdoors. Meanwhile direct-sown seedlings are popping up all over too, as are the weeds, and it’s feeling like I’m in the thick of it again. Love it.

Filling up fast…

So here we are very nearly in May already! This is actually my all-time favourite month of the year. I do have a birthday to celebrate (no, really, thank you, you’re too kind, and no I’m not telling you where I’m up to in years because on the inside I’ve never got much past the early 30s and I’m keeping it that way). But that’s not why.

It’s because this is the month when all the odds are as much in your favour as they’re ever going to be in the garden. The weather is kind; the droughts are a few months off yet, the frosts have (largely) lifted, the soil is warming fast and when the sun does come out you get those lovely, balmy, long days of Goldilocks perfection when everything is just right. There hasn’t been time for any serious setbacks yet, plants need only the slightest encouragement to grow like mad, and everything is promise.

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