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June! Doncha love it?

It’s probably my all-time favourite month of the year, with the possible exception of September. And March. And probably May. Oh look, most months in the garden are pretty good but this one is exceptional.

The weather is (at last) warm enough to put out the tender stuff; yet there’s still enough dampness in the soil and growing conditions are all but perfect. On the downside, the weeds have started growing – with a vengeance.

So here’s what I’ll be doing this month in the garden:

  • planting out courgettes, and squash: they’ve been languishing too long in the greenhouse and desperately need to stretch out their roots


  • weeding: once-a-week hoeing plus beheading the bindweed
  • sowing the next batch of salad: I sow mixed salad, lettuces and coriander most months for an endless supply
  • weeding


  • tying things in: peas, tomatoes, French beans and sweet peas are all getting out of control as I haven’t been keeping up with their stupendous rate of growth
  • did I mention the weeding?
  • netting the strawberries: they’re now at small-green-berry stage and the mice and birds will be eyeing them up as greedily as I am


  • closing the gaps in the insect-proof mesh that’s supposed to be protecting my brassicas. Cabbage whites are on the wing already: I’ve spotted at least two.
  • uh… yep, more weeding
  • planting out the scented-leaf geraniums: now thoroughly hardened off and ready to fill my herb garden with scent and colour.