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The garlic I grow is saved from last year’s crop, now around third generation from pink garlic I bought in a French market

Sowing now: Garlic

It is still hideously soggy outside and far too cold to sow just yet: but in between the showers I have managed to dodge outside and get one very overdue job ticked off the list. Normally I would have sown my garlic well before Christmas – but things got busy, everything froze for a while, the dog ate my homework, you know what I’m on about: it just kind of slipped this year.

I think I might just about get away with it: it’s still early January and I’ve sown them just as soon as I could free myself from all the Christmas tinsellery. The thing is that garlic is one of those vegetables which must have a chill period, usually quoted as at least three weeks below 7°C (44°F), in order to split into cloves. If you plant your garlic too late in winter, or worse, in spring, and it doesn’t get cold enough for long enough it almost always produces just one big monobulb a bit like a garlicky onion: perfectly edible, and quite nice, but not really the result you were aiming for.

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