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I know frost is meant to be the gardener’s enemy. I, like no doubt many others in the vicinity, spent much of yesterday running around frantically squirrelling things away in my greenhouse as the weather forecast got gloomier and gloomier. This morning, I still found I had several casualties when I woke up to find it went down to minus 2 or so. But oh… it was so beautiful.

This was one of my casualties – the Nicandra physaloides, now reduced to a sodden mess in the corner. But didn’t it look lovely as it died.

I thought this Goliath poppy was being a bit optimistic, producing flower heads this late in the season!

Verbena bonariensis is, I often think, at its best after a good frost.

The frost melted pretty quickly but even that sent me into rhapsodies – this is Melianthus major which holds onto the droplets like jewels. The little spider was up early, too.

Another one that’s looking good as the frost melts off it – this is Eucalyptus gunnii, kept coppiced for that glaucous, rounded young foliage.

And even the nettles were pretty. It doesn’t get much better than that.