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Hello to you all! Have you had a happy week? I am much more cheerful this weekend as the rain has dried up – at last! – so I have been out gardening all day every day. I have had very frozen fingers and numb toes at times, as the mornings have been taking their time over shrugging off their night-time blanket of frost, but the ground is now workable by midday and when the watery sun breaks through you could almost argue it’s comfortably warm. Crikey but gardening in January takes a lot of positivity.

Spring is so close you can practically smell it…

Anyway: this particular newsletter is also something of a watershed. It marks a whole month of this new project, and (I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating) I have been so surprised and encouraged by the positive response it’s had. After the huge surge of interest to kick me off the starting blocks (thank you!) new subscribers have been joining every day (more thank yous!) – so a big welcome to those who have signed up this week, and congratulations as you’re just in time to see things step up a gear.

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