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While we’re on the subject of seeds…

The imminent arrival of my little package of heritage seeds from the HSL has prompted me to have my annual clear-out.

I do this every year: the routine goes 1) throw out any seed packets more than two years old 2) throw out carrot and parsnip seed regardless (I buy these in fresh each year – better germination rates) 3) put aside seeds to give or swap with other gardeners.

And then of course 4) go get loads more seed!

Since I’ve now reached stage 3, and it’s coming up to Christmas which seems a nice time to start giving people stuff, I thought it was about time I revived the annual CG Big Seed Giveaway (last held in 2013 when I was still sane and my schedule hadn’t been hijacked by 48,000 words and a book publisher).

So first come, first served: get your free seeds here!

Here’s what’s available this year:

Aubergine ‘Black Beauty’
Beetroot ‘Boldor’ (yellow-fleshed)
Broccoli raab ’60 Days’
Buddleja ‘Butterfly Hybrids’
Cabbage ‘Greyhound’
Cauliflower ‘All the Year Round’
Cauliflower ‘Romanescu natalino’
Chilli pepper ‘Bhut Jolokia’
Chilli pepper ‘Ember Explosive’
Chilli pepper ‘Hotscotch’
Chilli pepper ‘Rocoto’
Cornflower ‘Black Ball’
Cucumber ‘White Wonder’
Eryngium planum ‘Blue Hobbit’
Fennel ‘Di Firenze’
New Zealand spinach
Poppy ‘Ladybird’
Radish ‘Mooli Mino Early’
Sorrel ‘Red Veined’
Strawberry ‘Baron Solemacher’
Tomato ‘Artisan TM – Bumble Bee Mixed’
Tomato ‘Baby Pink Plum’
Tomato ‘Indigo Rose’
Tomato ‘Rosella’
White mustard ‘Tilney’
Zinnia ‘Hot Mix’

How to claim your free seeds:

  • comment below giving the names of the seeds you want
  • then send an email to sally dot nex at btinternet dot com confirming your request and giving me an address to send your seeds to. I will reply giving you an address to which you’ll need to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope
  • I’ll update this post regularly giving details of what’s gone and what’s left
  • the giveaway will last for two weeks, until Monday 21 December: follow me on Twitter (@sallynex) for updates. Any seed not taken at the end of the two weeks will be… well, not sure yet, but I’ll find a use for them!
  • if you enjoy growing your seeds, please blog about them later in the year if you can!


  • no more than 5 packets of seed per person.
  • first to place their order in the comments below gets the seed (no orders via Twitter accepted – you can only order in the comments below so everyone can see your seed has been taken)
  • if I don’t receive your SAE within a week your seeds will be re-offered
  • sorry but the offer is only open to UK respondents