I’d just like to interrupt my wanderings around Northumberland to let you know what I was doing at 12:34:56 on the 7th of the 8th month in the 9th year of the century.

I was feeding my poor dog an antibiotic pill wrapped up in mince (he hates pills of all kinds so a little cunning deception is required). This is not entirely a Northumberland-free post as the reason for the antibiotics, and the very silly collar, is that he gave himself a nasty cut in the leg leaping over a barbed wire fence while we were on holiday, so now has chalked up several stitches and a Ā£500 vet’s bill.

In case anyone’s wondering why, it’s because that mischievous but ever-original VP in Chippenham told me to šŸ˜€ Thanks for a fun meme, VP!