Each week at college we get a load of twigs, bits of leafy stuff, and occasionally a droopy flower or two, all in varying states of intactness, and we have to identify them. Rather than keeping all the pain to myself, I thought I’d share. So this is the first of a weekly series of guessing games – and just to make it really tricky, you only get a photo to look at, and not a very good one at that πŸ˜€

There’s usually a theme – last week, it was mostly twigs from trees, and this week it was mostly ivies (that’s a clue, by the way). I won’t inflict the whole 11 idents on you, but here’s a choice selection – can you recognise any of these? (I’ll give you a clue for the more difficult ones).


(Clue: yes it is meant to be up that way.)

2. (Clue: it’s changed its name recently – and you’ll have to come up with the new one!)

3. (I’m not going to give you a clue for this one – far too easy!)

4. (Clue: this is a juvenile shoot)

(Clue: it’s all in the stem colour)

There aren’t any prizes, beyond the right to be smug, though I might keep a running total and come up with a little something for the person who gets the most right between now and when this little series finishes, in about June. But for now, let the guessing begin – first person to guess correctly has the point, and if you haven’t got them all by next week, I’ll give you the answers in the comments section. Have fun!