Now boys, that’s enough sniggering. I mean the horticultural kind, of course 😀

I’m a melon virgin (oh stop it) – so I didn’t really expect any results at all. So I was skipping all the way home when I found these in my allotment greenhouse:

One’s a lot bigger than the other, and they’re both on the small side at the moment, but hopefully they’ll both reach a good enough size eventually (oh dear… what is it with double entendre and veg growing?). In the meantime, I’ve given them a bit of extra support (oh pleeeeease…) with a pair of old tights:

Being a bit of a babe, I only had black tights in the drawer so now I’m worrying they won’t allow enough sunlight to get through for ripening. But we’ll see.

Now, that’s quite enough of that – I’m off to find something more sensible to talk about.