I’m back. Well, I wasn’t very far away, really: just over there, on the Crocus Kitchen Garden blog, in fact.

But now I’m here again, getting my hands dirty growing veg (of course), gardening in other people’s gardens, finding out what’s new in the gardening world, sharing what’s going on over in my classroom at My Garden School, and of course my latest venture for Crocus which involves putting on some slap (well, a clean shirt, anyway) and showing up in front of a camera.

Oh, and a bit about the bookywook I’m writing and the garden tours I’m about to start leading and I might even mention some of the stuff I go on about in my garden talks. Plus there’s Chelsea and Hampton Court of course, and… Goodness, it’s making me tired just thinking about it.

For now, I think it’s just enough to say hello, welcome, and I’m looking forward to resuming life as the Constant Gardener.