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Veg gardening the traditional way

Veg gardening the traditional way

Well I thought I was doing pretty well on the exotics front this year, what with the tomatilloes hogging one end of the greenhouse and my huge tree chilli – now, in its second year, almost at roof height – fighting it out with the tomatoes at the other.

The loquat tree is thriving, the fig less so after I strimmed its head off a few weeks ago.

The yacon rotted in last winter’s wet so I’ll have to buy some more next spring (should have brought it in under cover, I know) but I’ve made up for it by acquiring a Japanese wineberry.

But the pros at Hampton Court, as always, make me feel like a stuck-in-the-mud traditionalist.

There were veg in that Growing Tastes marquee I never even knew existed, let alone thought of growing.

Here are the ones which are going in my little black book: [read more..]