I’ve done a fair bit of teaching over the years, on and off: a bit of student design critique for the Inchbald here, a writing course tutor there. But this one’s really got me excited.

I’m the new teacher of the Advanced Veg Growing and Self Sufficiency (Homesteading) Course (catchy, isn’t it) at MyGardenSchool, online and very on message, so to speak.

Fellow tutors include the likes of Noel Kingsbury, Andy McIndoe and Stephanie Donaldson so I have a lot to live up to.

The first course starts at the beginning of May and I’m so looking forward to meeting my first students and talking veg, veg and more veg (with perhaps a little chicken and sheep discussion thrown in).

In case you’re thinking of joining us, here’s a free and very gorgeous eBook with the first lesson’s notes just for you. Enjoy!