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I’ve mentioned my talented friend Pattie before on this blog: she’s a floral artist of the most patient and dedicated kind, and I am regularly rendered speechless by her extraordinary creations.

Here’s her latest.

She’s something of a specialist in miniatures, compositions made entirely from plant material but measuring no more than 10cm in any direction.

It was for the annual NAFAS competition at the Wisley Flower Show, this year moved out of the rather gloomy tent it’s usually in, to take up a much sunnier spot in the Bicentenary Glasshouse.

The theme for this year’s miniatures was ‘Just Perfick’. Which, I think, it is. Luckily the judges thought so too and gave it first prize.

The level of detail is just astounding: as you can see, it’s a little picnic scene with bowls of berry ‘apples’ and a basket of buns made from pearl barley kernels delicately painted red along the crease.

Here’s the second prize winner, by Rachel Sherwin: I can’t work out what the ‘apples’ are on this one (there’s one on the tree and a couple on the little chair underneath). They’re seedpods of some description, but nothing I recognise: these artists are geniuses at seeing miniature shapes in things you or I would just pop in a seed packet and forget about.

And third prize: perhaps a more straightforward arrangement from Anne Blunt, but nonetheless exquisitely pretty for all that. Those little blossoms so artfully arranged on the twig look just like a Japanese cherry in springtime. In fact now I come to think of it, there’s more than an echo of Japanese tradition in these delicate little creations.

If you’re one of the many people who scuttle past the floral art tent at flower shows on the way to something more obviously gardening-related, do stop next time and take a look, if only just for these little jewels. They’re like nothing else you’ll ever see.