There are some bad things about September. The light, for one thing: after a summer of shutting in the chickens just before I go to bed (so that’s 10pm ish), we’re now down to just-after-supper (around 7.30 or so). That’s the end of evening gardening, then.

But there are good things about September, too. I adore autumn; it’s my favourite season after spring. I love the anticipation as the trees begin turning ahead of next month’s pyrotechnic display. And even the slight nip in the air is refreshing without – yet – carrying a tang of anxiety about frost.

But most of all I love that my garden comes back to life after the exhaustion of August. So much is in second bloom, and even the soldiers who have been marching on in stalwart fashion right through since June seem to perk up a bit and put an extra spring in their step.

So for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, hosted as ever by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, here are some of the many, many flowers putting a smile on my face whenever I go in the garden at the moment.