There was a full moon last night. I didn’t realise until I switched off the telly and wandered outside to give the dogs a stretch: I ended up transfixed by the sight of my garden in full flower and bathed in silver light.

It may be past the summer equinox but for me July is the height of summer, the only time of the year when you can experience evenings like that. Everything is just at that perfect point of maturity, and bursting into flower with an unstoppable energy.

Next month it’ll be nowhere near as good – is anyone’s garden at its best in August, I wonder? – so I’m determined to the most of this month while I can. Not only am I going to take more time out just to look at all those flowers – that’s pretty much the point of it, after all – but I’m also going to make the most of those exquisite summer’s evenings. Especially after the moon comes out.

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!