Brace yourselves: it’s this year’s Garden Bloggers’ Advent Calendar!

Up for grabs in the Constant Christmas celebration of the turning of another blogging year: one recently-published book you’ll all want in your Christmas stocking.

The first window, it being December 1 today (so where did that year go?!) is open already!

It’s pretty straightforward: this blog post will repeat every day till the 24th December (I did warn you) with a new window open each time.

Each window links to a blog post which has a picture of a plant on it. You’re looking for the first letter of the genus of the plant: so if it’s Crocus tommasinianus it’s a C.

There may be more than one plant on the page: so some days you’ll have a number of possible correct answers. There is however a clue in the pic revealed in the advent calendar window ;D so it shouldn’t be too difficult!

Once assembled your 24 letters will unjumble to make the title of a book plus the surname of the author. The first person to email me the correct answer to the address given on the last day wins!