Here’s a picture for the divine Ms B, who wanted to know what my new house looks like.

The blue sky helps: I am told this is an aberration, as we are now officially living in the West Country where it rains. Nearly all the time. Except since we moved here. Perhaps we might be inadvertently responsible for a seismic climatic shift in the British Isles?

Anyway: yes, we are here, esconced in our improbably chocolate-box thatched stone cottage, and I also have a broadband connection at last: a confusion with BT and the previous owners left me internet-free for a whole week and a half, and I was rather scared at how utterly lost and slightly frantic I felt without it.

Now however normal service has been resumed: although that kind of depends what you define as normal as our lives are now so different it feels as if our ‘normal’ has morphed into something we’re having to get used to recognising.

But it is wonderful: and about as far from our semi-detached ex-council house in Surrey as it is possible to get. Which was kind of the point, really.