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Long-tailed macaques (I won’t mention what these two were up to five seconds before this photo was taken)


Yes, it is. Six feet long and only ‘mildly’ venomous. These mangrove snakes were not only hanging over our heads in trees in a mildly terrifying way but also slithering around among our riverside huts. Oh yes, and there were pythons too. And crocodiles in the river.

Chameleon trying to look inconspicuous at Poring Hot Springs.

And this, of course, was what we were all there for (well, that and in my case, the rare plants). Orang-utans have now lost 80% of their natural habitat and are increasingly confined, as this one was, to rehabilitation centres like the one at Sepilok.

However we did also – amazingly – see three of these wonderful creatures in the wild: but you’ll have to take my word for it as I was holding someone else’s camera at the time so they’ve got all the evidence.