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Now, I’m generally quite a quiet person. I keep my head down, I work hard, I have fun with my kids, and though those who know me well are all too aware I have some caustically strong opinions, I generally keep them to myself: I learned the hard way, back in my far-away youth, that if you go around shooting your mouth off, you generally end up putting your foot in it – and that instantly renders you everyone’s least favourite person.

But when it’s on your doorstep, and when it’s affecting your quality of life, your neighbours’ quality of life and potentially, the future of your children, sometimes you just have to speak out.

So in nearly-middle-age I’ve re-discovered the student within and taken up my place on the barricades. I know I’m a little late joining the party, but I’ve finally signed up to the Air Plot campaign being run by Greenpeace against the proposed third runway at Heathrow.

So, apparently I now own a bit of a field next door to Heathrow Airport. I’m hoping it might be the bit next door to Alys Fowler’s allotment, so I can pop along and pick a cabbage or two from time to time.

What with Monty Don lending his support and the backing of one or two of us gardening bloggers I’m tempted to start shouting slogans. How about “Gardeners of the world unite! We have nothing to lose but our planes!”

Ah…. Karl would be proud….