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I mentioned in my last post that not many of the plants in the Palm House at Torre Abbey in Torquay had labels. Of course the one I fell in love with was one of those without identification.

Trouble is, I want it. I really want it.

Any ideas?

It was the sight of those exquisite flowers which first caught my attention. I’ve never seen flowers weeping before.

Now those of you with a delicate disposition had better look away, as I’m about to show you quite the most eye-popping and frankly embarrassing seed capsules I’ve ever seen.

In case you wanted a closer gawp at those…

You can look again now. Here’s a more calming photo of the leaves.

It was about 5ft high or so, and multi-stemmed – a sort of loose clump, I suppose. I am deeply smitten, so if anyone out there knows what it is and can introduce me, I will be eternally grateful.