Small gardens today, and I’m going to betray my soft spot for the Courtyard Gardens here. I loved the Fenland Alchemist – the one that won – but for my money this was at least as pretty. It’s Entente Cordiale, a little Franglais garden with a red, white and blue colour scheme that looks so lovely in the sunshine. The girls who built it – Patricia (French) and Janet (English) are hilarious – they’re having a ball and seem to be giggling at something or other nearly all the time.

A little bit of in-show gossip – those clipped yews at the back are actually from Chris Beardshaw and his mentoring scholarship team. Patricia and Janet brought six of their own but only two were any good – they needed four so set off around the showground with only a few days to go, scouting for likely possibilities. Chris, bless him, not only saved their bacon but also delivered the trees right to the garden gate. Awwww….