A bit late this week but blame the spring lunacy that is my workload in the run-up to Chelsea… not quite as bad as those actually building gardens for the flower show but crazy nonetheless.

Anyway, just because I’m busy doesn’t mean I haven’t got time to set a few more plant-related teasers for you, courtesy of Capel Manor who supply the sometimes more than a little battered twigs, leaves and flowers from their garden in Enfield – no wonder they’re tatty by the time they get to us, the other side of London in Gunnersbury. Anyway, I thought last week’s were far too easy so I’m bowling you a few googlies this time.

1. (if you look very closely you’ll see the flowers – these are a giveaway clue)



4. (a bit unfair, really, as this is merely the foliage of a tree, but can you guess which one?)