Look what I took on this week…

Actually I shouldn’t have taken it on at all, being as I’m hopelessly overloaded with work already, but when you’re offered the chance to garden at a 16th-century house which happens to contain the village museum, and it’s got a wisteria on the front that’s at least 60 years old, probably older, then I ask you – how can you possibly resist?

The owner told me she hadn’t been able to see out of her bedroom windows for a while, and I’ll admit to being a little nervous.

Four hours later… this is how it looked. In the end it wasn’t too difficult, just time-consuming: I worked my way along all those main branches and took back every side shoot to about 2-3 buds, though I went easy on those which were obviously about to flower so the owner would have a little bit to look forward to this spring. As I said to her, once I’ve given it its summer pruning too, it’ll be back under control, and with luck and a following wind, it’ll be smothered in flowers next year. And she’ll be able to see out of her windows, too!