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Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’

Well… actually, this might be G. psilostemon, but I don’t think so. I’ve lost the label (as with so many of my plants) and my memory of writing ‘Ann Folkard’ somewhere is hazy, but extant.

Anyway, this gorgeous floozy has taken a while to get into her finery, suffering as she has from far too much competition in previous years while she was trying to establish herself. I belatedly realised this last year so she got a nice year free of anyone else trying to outdo her, and has rewarded me this summer with the most unbelievably spectacular fireworks of in-yer-face magenta pink. She’s forgiven her thuggish neighbours to such an extent, in fact, that she’s now clambering among them lovingly, brightening them up no end with her lipsticky kisses. It’s brought some eye-popping combinations – magenta and orange anyone? (this one when she wrapped herself around a neighbouring Californian poppy. It looked sensational).

Magenta pink isn’t usually my thing, but Ann does it so well, and somehow it just looks right, giving the border real pizazz week after week. Hardy geraniums are generally good do-ers, and the fact that this one has managed to survive three years of suffocation and still come through it smiling her head off is testament to just how tough she is. I haven’t watered, cut back, or in any way given her the attention she so clearly deserves – yet she rewards me with this. I think it means she’s forgiven me, so I’ll make it up to her with lots of TLC from now on.