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I’ve spent a lot of time drawing lately.

Last night I was drawing an onion. The other day it was my hand, closely followed by a large director’s chair on a table.

What this has to do with gardening I’m not quite sure – but all I know is it’s great to be the one nicking the pencil sharpener out of the kids’ art box for a change.

It’s all to do with the Drawing and Graphics course I’ve now started at Capel Manor. Lovely teacher, great fellow students (all of whom are well into gardening so I now have lots of new friends to discuss the pros and cons of coppicing eucalyptus with), and I’m learning a great deal about negative space, tonal drawing and the value of a 4B pencil.

Can’t quite see the connection between director’s chairs and garden design yet – but am willing to suspend my disbelief for the luxury of being given permission to draw pretty pictures and call it work.