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Pyracantha ‘Saphyr Jaune’

These little jewels have been cheering up my garden since last autumn. Pyracantha can be the only really bright colour shining through the dull months of winter, and they’re all the more welcome for that. The birds have snaffled the red and orange berries already – I have P. ‘Saphyr Orange’ and P. ‘Saphyr Rouge’ planted along the same fence, and they’re meant to mix ‘n’ mingle, but the yellow is all that’s left. No complaints here, though – I’m just grateful to have such a dainty little sprinkling of colour at this time of year.

Pyracantha is one of those shrubs which is doing something useful all year round. I keep mine trained against the fence – I find they become badly-behaved thugs in the border if left unsupervised. If you’re strict with them, though, they behave themselves beautifully. They’re one of the few plants which provides evergreen climbing cover all year, and as a sideline are excellent security – climb over a fence clad in pyracantha and you won’t forget it in a hurry. As if that wasn’t enough, they froth up with flowers in early summer and then sparkle all winter too. I wouldn’t be without them.