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Here’s my main herbaceous border (the Christopher Lloyd Tribute Border as I now call it – though it’s a long way from finished, and as you can see doesn’t bear a lot of resemblance to Great Dixter just yet!). It’s Californian poppy season, so I’ve got them in rivers through the other plants – lovely. You can just make out the last of the forget-me-nots (which have slightly taken over this spring) and in the foreground the Phacelia tanacetifolia is making a lovely pale mauve contrast. The cardoon (Cynara cardunculus) is revving up nicely and should be spectacular soon – already the foliage is looking great. The purple dots are alliums, which are dotting the border nicely – I’ve got Purple Sensation and A. christophii already out, and A. giganteum about to burst into fireworks at the back. You can just about make out the irises, too, at the top left-hand corner: I’ve got some fairly plain but nice irises, probably sibirica, but the star of the show has been I. Lothario, which you can just about make out in the picture. It’s been spectacular this year, and is the first year it’s really flowered, though I’ve had it about three years now – I think I’ve finally managed to keep it clear of competition from other plants. It’s all looking lovely – slightly blowsy but full of interesting things to look at.