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This time of year it always happens, just the same. I look out at my garden and suddenly realise that without my even noticing it, there are more weeds than plants.

How does it happen? One moment it’s all tulips and forget-me-nots (and boy was the display gorgeous this year), the next I realise I haven’t thinned the honesty seedlings which are now monsters staging a border takeover, and there’s a whopping thistle poking its head up and vying with the alliums for top billing.

Nothing for it – out into the beds wielding a fork and laying waste to all that greenery I had so innocently thought was plantery I wanted. Next spring I’ll keep up with the weeding from the moment those little thugs start off, instead of being distracted by all those sweet little seedlings poking their heads out of the potting compost in the greenhouse and demanding water, potting on, hardening off, planting out… well, maybe…