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I found a tree at the bottom of the garden I had no idea I had the other day.

This is all part of my little project to clear the overgrown mess around my garden pond and make it into an intentionally overgrown jungle area, so I’ve been removing a big old forsythia and a massive clump of Kerria japonica (both great shrubs but only if you like that particular shade of brassy yellow… I don’t).

Having done that I realised there was a multi-stemmed something-or-other there and since I don’t get rid of things I can’t identify I’ve been watching it with interest as it leafed up and formed flower buds.

Well now it’s flowering – and looks just like a honeysuckle. Except that it’s about 20ft high… and the flowers are about half the size of a climbing honeysuckle – here’s a pic:

Pretty, isn’t it? I’ve been emailing the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, which has a national collection of honeysuckle (Lonicera), and good old Wisley, both of whom have asked me to send them a sample. So I’ll chop off a bit today and post it. I think either way, it’s such a pretty thing it’s staying (even though it’s not very jungly) – how lovely, just like getting a present!