I was expecting to have finished my planting until spring by now – but to my surprise, an order I put in for the next leg of the Christopher Lloyd border turned up just a couple of days after I’d placed it. All credit to Beth Chatto’s wonderful nursery – but it meant I’ve had a hectic weekend getting the plants in as soon as I could after getting them.

So I’ve now added to my increasingly packed border:

  • Helenium “Moorheim Beauty”: The classic Helenium, burnt bronze and copper in a strong, long-lasting daisy.
  • Papaver “Goliath Group”: Another classic, this time the reddest oriental poppy you can think of.
  • Santolina neapolitanum: Silver filigree leaves and pompoms of yellow in summer. Not usually my kind of plant, but I’ll take a punt on it, and besides I know it’ll do well in my dry conditions.
  • Libertia peregrinans: part of the structural planting of the border, a lovely greeny-yellow evergreen that puts up spectacular flowers, too.

I’ve only got a few more of the main structural plants to put in now, and then it’ll be a matter of putting in the annual contingent and waiting for the perennials to beef up a bit. It’s all coming together easier and more quickly than I’d hoped!