Haven’t had a moment for the last couple of weeks as every five minutes I’ve been shooting outside to plant a few more tulips.

It’s just the right time of year, so I’ve bought myself nearly 100 bulbs to plant. That sounds like a lot but it still won’t quite make the carpet I have in mind – the plan is to add to it gradually over the years. I’ve got white Triumphator, purple Purple Prince and fabulous scarlet Apeldoorn, all planted in blocks of colour.

I’ve underplanted them with forget-me-nots, which grow in self-seeded clumps in my garden but have never really been allowed to come to the fore before. I’ve hit on the rather handy trick of transplanting a little clump onto each tulip bulb, reminding me where the bulbs are without having a graveyard full of labels everywhere.

With luck, I’ll get away without digging them up every year since I have sharply-draining light soil, so there’s no danger of rot. Just hope there’s enough nutrition in there to keep them flowering from year to year. We’ll just have to see.