This weekend I took some time out to go to the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew – and what an amazing time to go. It’s always been a favourite garden of mine, but this weekend they really excelled themselves.

It is, of course, autumn, and that means Autumn Festivals springing up all over the place. Kew was no exception – and here are a few pictures of the spectacle they put together.

Autumn display in the Waterlily House
This is the display in the Waterlily House – over 30 tonnes of pumpkins, gourds and squashes. Where did they find room to grow all these?!

Bright orange squashes
If this doesn’t make you think of autumn, I don’t know what will!

Chilli plants among squashes and gourds
Chilli plants packed with fruit among a pile of gorgeous gourds.

Blue-grey squash variety
We loved the subtle colour of these blue-grey squashes – unfortunately couldn’t find the label so don’t know what the name is, but they’re beautiful.

Lots of different squashes
The sheer variety on show was just amazing.

And another autumn show at Kew – they floated over 5 million cranberries on the pool outside the Palm House as a demonstration of how cranberries are harvested in New England. Apparently cranberry bushes are grown on marshland which is then flooded so that the berries float to the top of the water, where they’re then harvested. I’m sure it doesn’t quite look as neat as this – but aren’t they colourful?