It’s glut city here… I’ve just chopped up 3lbs of courgettes to make a double quantity of vegetable mulligatawny – a really good, filling soup which sees me through the worst of the winter days. There are still two courgettes sitting there glaring at me balefully, and I just know my triffid plants up at the allotment are puffing up more of them every moment.

Then I went down to the four apple trees at the bottom of the garden and found the ground thick with windfalls, so I’ve now got a big sack of them waiting to be cooked and frozen. I think the trees are three Bramley Seedlings and a Cox, but I intend to go on down to RHS Wisley, just up the road from me, for their apple-tasting weekend on 21st & 22nd October and find out for sure. It’s a great weekend, with the chance to taste all sorts of different apples – and Wisley has a mind-boggling selection in its fruit gardens – and you can also take along mystery apples for a diagnosis. Details can be found on the RHS website: http://www.rhs.org.uk/wisley/wiseventsplantcentre.asp.