Sowing seed nature’s way

Another month, another stack of seed trays to prick out. The greenhouse shelves are already full of overcrowded seedlings to pot on, and the cold frame is full to bursting as everything needs hardening off at once – that week to 10 days of delay while you get them gradually used to outdoor conditions. It’s …

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Going peat-free: The myths – busted

Are you making the switch and going peat-free this April? You may have come across the #PeatFreeApril campaign on social media last year. Well: now it’s back, bigger and better, and more determined than ever to get us all growing in peat-free compost. Every gardener I know cares deeply about the natural world, and most …

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How to feed your plants a healthy diet

Just like people, plants need food. Also like people, a good diet is the foundation for health and happiness: and that means lush, leafy growth and a satisfyingly generous harvest for you to pick at the end of the season. Making sure your plants have ready access to all the nutrients they need isn’t always …

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Forever food

Just imagine a veg patch which goes on giving, year after year – no need to resow or plant up each spring, and nothing to clear away in autumn. All that’s needed is a bit of weeding, maybe some mulch and a little protection from pests – and in return you get armfuls of produce …

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I’m a gardener and garden writer based in Somerset, in the glorious countryside of the south-west of England.

I’ve been developing sustainable, low-carbon and eco-friendly gardening methods since 2013, and have written two books and many articles about this, and about veg growing more generally, mainly for The Garden (the RHS journal), BBC Gardeners’ World magazine and Telegraph Gardening. I also teach online and via email mentoring, and give talks to gardening clubs across the south of England.

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